The Good Old Days

I want it to be like I am five years-old again. Like I wake up with a sore throat and I stay home all day watching reruns of Gilmore Girls with my Mom.

I want little stress and lots of play.
Little worry and a lot of okay.
I guess that’s what we all strive for when we reach age fifteen or so.
There are perks to getting older.
Having independence, driving a car, being the legal drinking age, and making decisions that will forever affect your life (hopefully in a positive way… We’re talking about perks here people).
But honestly, don’t you wish you could wake up for a day of college exams and just “play Hookie.” Eat soup, watch tv, cuddle up under a blanket, and think about the next time you’ll be playing ball on the front lawn.

I guess every phase of our life eventually becomes the “good old days.”
Maybe it’s better to be at an age where you can realize it while you’re in them.

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