Late Night Listen 4.14.14

The clouds below your feet
Quit clipping on your wings
Sometimes we hate to leave somebody

Whats happening to we?
Warm winds on a space ride
When I call your phone on a late night

I recall your soul and it taste like…
Gardens, flowers, Warm Winds

Another late night listen because, like I always say, if I don’t get lunch… you don’t get a lunch time listen. I guess I should make my mid-day meals more of a priority.

This is the perfect song to just drift out to before you go to bed. Hold that person you love, cuddle up with a body pillow and a pair of headphones, or just chill out on your couch with some wine and reflect. This song is all about reflection. Looking at yourself and realizing things aren’t just happening to you… someone else is affected if you affect them.

Relationships are tricky. They exist in so many forms and no matter what you have a label connecting to you a person (friend, neighbor, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, husband, wife, brother, sister, mother, father, teacher), so think about that.

Think about the people you affect, influence, depend on, work with, compare to.

Your actions mean more when they’re shared with others whether they’re successful, or negative, they exist.

Think before you act.

Listen before you leave.

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