Let’s Listen 4.26.14

I’ve come to the conclusion that not only would I like it to be Summer. I need it to be Summer. I need the beach, and sand, and sun, and (less) stress.

There is something about the Summer that just changes the mindset of people.

I feel like everyone I know has seasonal depression (they say it’s like one in every three, nope, more like one in every one).

When things are gloomy, even the happiest of people are going to feel gloomy too.

That brings me to my musical choice for today.

Now go with me on this one because I know normally I post very chill and relaxed music for you all to vibe out to, but my music tastes change with the seasons so why wouldn’t my posts?

Remember this one?

Yes… You do. Even if you only heard it once. The Summer of my senior year this was THE SONG. I literally can’t help but dance too it whenever I hear it, so hopefully you have sunshine like the CT area today, and this song makes you dance.

Keep Smiling

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