Lunch Time Listen 8.12.14

“I Can’t Wait (Be My Wife)” by Ben Rue is a country-filled breath of fresh air. I heard it this morning on my way to work, and be the sappy hopeless romantic that I am, immediately started crying with the first chorus. There are so many songs out there today about meeting the love of your life and wanting to marry them, but the lyrics of this song, while not the most poetic, are honest and true, which I think makes the listener connect with them ten times more. Originally performed by Runner Runner, Ben Rue’s cover has actually taken the Sirius radio world by storm and has been played on many different stations, what we in the music industry like to call a cross-over artist (or song in this case). I think it’s the relate-ability of this track that allows it to have such a broad audience range. It’s not just country, it’s not just a love song, it’s an every day-I-think-I-found-the-one-that-makes-me-happiest kind of song.

From the simplest of lyrics…

“The way you curse when we’re in traffic
The million flavors of your chapstick
The way that you keep my heart captive

The Journey concert in AC
Remember we sang faithfully?
I still got that old hotel room key”

Anyone who is or has ever been in love can reminisce on the little things that made them feel that way in the first place. The wrinkle in their nose when they got upset, the way they could always tell if something was on your mind, the smile they gave you that only you knew what it really meant. The tiny things are the moments that have the biggest impact in a relationship because they’re the things you miss most when that person isn’t around. You don’t miss the flowers, or the dinners, or the material things. You miss the nights spent sleeping on their chest, or the way their hands felt when they were holding yours. There are so many songs about losing those feelings, about break-up’s and heartache, but there aren’t too many songs that capture the little things leading up to the biggest moment of your life, your wedding day.

Rue’s music video for this song is exactly what the song represents. A simple journey to, and need for love.

I think that is the perfect song to spend your afternoon playing on repeat.

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