Alex & Sierra “Just Kids”

Everyone (or at least every girl) is a sucker for a romantic anything; comedy, song, novel, you name it! But it’s very rare that a musical duo has a romance that rivals those in the movies.

Alex & Sierra are an American pop duo consisting of Alex Kinsey (born September 8, 1991) and Sierra Deaton (born February 11, 1991), who won the third and final season of The X Factor USA. The duo are also dating. They were mentored by Simon Cowell and became the first and only group to win the American version of the show. (Big thanks to Wikipedia for this brief bit of background info).

It’s About Us, their freshman album released October 7, 2014, features a track entitled “Just Kids” that really underlines the story of their duo, and their enviable romance.

“We light up the darkest hour, our dreams only get louder, I love it.”

 The song speaks about two young kids in love, living in a world of color while the rest of the world is unspoken to be gray. If you’ve ever been in love – you know the feeling of floating on air while the rest of the world seems to be sinking. Being numb and indestructible against real life and everyday problems. The butterflies, the fast heart beat, the dreams and plans for what’s to come; this song captures all of that.

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