Matt Gold’s Truth on Tape

It’s about time we were introduced to an artist with the lyrical ability and uncanny melodic resemblance of Elton John. The similarity between Matt Gold, Bloomington, Indiana born, singer-songwriter, and staple musicians such as Elton John and Billy Joel is incomprehensible. Gold melds poetic verses with simplistic piano-based instrumentals, bringing forth a certain emotion with the first telling line of each song. His latest EP, Let It Out is now available on iTunes and provides listeners with a more upbeat and optimistic version of his characteristic “truth on tape.” Baring his soul to his dedicated audience, Gold unveils the truth in the unseen behind his own life experiences, relatable to so many others. The Indiana artist has constructed a safe-place for his listeners to go when their problems become too much; a place where they realize they aren’t alone.

“When the video for ‘Void’ came out , the responses started,” Gold explained as he discussed the moment he realized the impact that his music had on the fans. “I had never realized the impact and emotional core music was capable of, or the way my music in particular ,would affect people. It’s very humbling yet satisfying to know you have reached a persons soul. It reminded my to keep being authentic and true as an artist. No gimmicks are needed.”

Let It Out is an extremely cathartic title, symbolizing a release of an emotion. That release is what Gold provides for his fans and critics alike, leaving a listener in a meditative state after they hear his work.

Let It Out was all about letting go of my failures and disappointments as a human being. Realizing you can’t change your past, but learning to accept it and be thankful it brought you to where you are today. Musically I thought the album showed my maturity and growth as an artist,  hinting at what lies ahead.”

The maturity and growth are subtle nuances easy to pick up on after listening to some of his earlier tracks. Gold’s music it seems, has taken a passenger seat ride throughout his life, taking snapshots along the way and turning them into Polaroid songs that depict a story with a listen.

“Music is my therapy,” he confessed. “Playing piano is a great stress reliever for me. My career has taught me what my strengths and weaknesses are as a person. Where to push more and where to pull back.” – a valuable life lesson I think we all could try and learn from.

With music like Gold’s that is delivered with such a distinctive purpose, it hard to depict one that has the most meaning, when they were all written from experiences that shaped him as an artist. He does admit however, that “Everything” holds a special place with him.

“It is probably one of the most special to me. I have never so blatantly written about my disappointments with my family relationships. It was time to release that anger I had. To finally say , ‘here is the cold truth. You may not like it, but it’s how I feel and should be acknowledged.'”

Once again, the bravery to speak of things most leave unspoken is the distinct quality that Gold sets forth with his music. Growing up as an adopted only child to two religious parents, he openly came out as being gay. While he accredits the ability to many other artists who paved the way for the LGBT community for success in his career, Gold has taken part in enhancing this welcoming environment for fellow artists to join.

“Tori Amos would be the most impressionable on me musically. She opened the door for pianists and said, ‘here I am. Naked. Bare. Respect and understand.’ And I did. Personally though, I have had many influences that change as I change. It is never just based on one person or thing.”

Gold spoke about the type of venues he enjoys performing in the most, and what that space and moment he shares with the audience means to him.

“Smaller, listening room-type venues are my personal favorite. There is an intimacy that can’t be captured, in my opinion, on a huge stage. I like being accessible to the audience. I want you to feel like part of the experience, not  just a spectator.”

This notion of incorporating the audience into the entirety of the experience verses simply allowing them to watch the magic come to life through a store front window is what Matt Gold does best on and off the stage. Even when you have his song playing through your bluetooth speaker while you’re vacuuming your living room, you feel as though the events he portrays are happening around you. And that’s the true essence of music, isn’t it? Telling stories through words and melodies that speak to the soul of someone else.

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