Lunch Time Listen 2.17.15

A very good friend gave me this idea last week and I thought it was the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard. The idea is to make Spotify playlists that revolve around random events, holidays, etc., of my favorite songs and artists (which will hopefully become some of your favorite songs and artists). Some of them you’ll know, others you’ve probably never heard of, but the fun behind it all is that you’ll never know what you’re going to discover when you open up the playlist link.


This first playlist, I Heard it Somewhere is exactly what the name suggests. These are songs that I’ve heard in various places like restaurants, Kohl’s, or on episodes of Criminal Minds. I Shazam them as soon as the song resounds with me and then I compile a list within the app on my phone. All of the songs used to just sit there and I would sometimes look them up when I was bored at work and needed something new to listen to, but putting them all in once place and sharing them with you seemed like a much better alternative.

Some of my personal favorites from the list include “Leave Your Love” by Young Summer, which I heard at the end of a Pretty Little Liars episode. “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon, which came through the speakers of the mall one day and “Tonight” by Mitch Lee that set the tone for an ending scene in a season five episode of Criminal Minds.

Young Summer is a band reminiscent of the sounds of Smallpools and “Leave Your Love” showcases their harmonic abilities over a melancholy melody. It is the perfect song to play on a rainy Sunday.

Walk the Moon are a rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. The band went through several member changes since their formation in 2008, but finally yielded the right mix with their debut album, Quesadilla. “Shut Up and Dance” makes you want to roll down all the windows of your car and drive 20 mph over the speed limit down an empty road singing at the top of your lungs. It is an all around feel-good track that is guaranteed to get you on your feet.

Not much is known about Mitch Lee except the fact that he is an emerging songwriter with a talent for writing lyrics that strike a chord with whoever listens. “Tonight” featuring Jocelyn Alice is the epitome of Lee’s exquisite lyrical talents and the harmonies between the two are enough to make L.A. traffic stop.

If you’re like me and enjoy a myriad of music genres then you should be able to let this 48 minutes of music compilation run on shuffle and enjoy every minute of it. If however, you prefer a certain genre, I can assure you there is at least one song on here that you’ll love.

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