Happy Birthday – A Special Edition of Lunch Time Listen

Today is a very special day filled with mixed emotions. It’s a day where I smile remembering things passed and tear up realizing that they are just that… in the past.

My grandmother was my best friend and today would be her 79th birthday. Since she past away two years ago, no holiday feels the same, but for some reason March 11th is always the hardest for me. I think it’s because my grandmom and I shared a birthday month (mine being a week before on the 5th), so she always would say that I was her “forever birthday present.” Maybe that’s why we were always so close – pisces stick together – or maybe it was because she was cooler and funnier than anyone else I’ve ever met. I would choose to spend a Friday night driving around with my grandmom to go get ice cream over just about anything else in the world (yes, she was just that awesome).


She was a selfless woman, always giving to everyone else and trying her best to make them smile. I like to think I inherited that trait from her – goodness (sometimes to a fault). It wouldn’t seem right to me to not celebrate this day in some way, so I thought it would be nice to share one of her favorite songs with all of you.

My grandmom absolutely loved Rod Stewart and if he came on the radio in a room she would stop everything and start dancing as if she was somewhere else, but even more, she loved “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. My grandpop used to sing it to her in the classic Louie voice and even after he passed away, there was always a silent tribute every time we heard it. Oddly enough, this video was on my YouTube homepage today, so I thought it was a sign to pass it on.

On a scale of 1 to Well Worth It... What did you think?

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