Across the Table: Introduction

new series, whole-heartedly inspired by the new city I live in. Nashville is an amazing city filled with eclectic spots and unique people. Everyone bonds over the common denominator; a love for music of any kind as long as it’s authentic. That being said, I feel that there is no better city for me to do my artist interviews in and no better time to create an entire new vision for them.

“Across the Table” will be just that; an across-the-table-conversation at the same spot every time – The Frothy Monkey (on 8th Ave South so there’s room to breathe and park). Each interview I’ll sit directly across from an artist or band I’ve been inspired by for a while, or maybe only a short period of time, but feel that some of you will be inspired by too. We’ll talk everything from favorite memes to biggest musical inspirations.

This Sunday, you’ll be introduced to the first post of this series – a conversation with Naseem Khuri of Boston-based, Kingsley Flood. 

In town for Nashville’s Americana Festival, Naseem will open-up about the trials and tribulations of musically progressing, when you don’t even realize it’s happening.

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