Happy (day after) Halloween

So it turns out that Halloween has become a money guzzling holiday like all the rest – but I still love it. I describe Halloween as the “most wonderful time of the year” if that’s an correlation of my feelings toward the holiday. That being said, we were getting last minute candy yesterday for the adorable trick-or-treaters and the Halloween baking supplies were majorly discounted. 

A few trick-or-treat cupcake liners, pumpkin and candy corn inserts and Halloween sprinkles later, these delicious cupcakes were ready to go! They’re a direct replica of my surprise cupcake recipe, but with cream cheese frosting and peanut filled chocolate chips inside, instead of chocolate frosting & m&m’s. They are so delicious and so easy, it almost feels like you’re being tricked… 
DISCLOSURE: I’m embarrassingly corny. 

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