When the Right One Comes Along

It’s not only because I live in Nashville that I am a huge fan of the show Nashville on ABC – it’s just a super big coincidence that I started watching the show when I first moved here, continued watching it when I moved back to CT, and still watch it religiously now that I’m in music city once more.

It’s one of those shows that does a great job at getting the viewer super attached to characters and their relationships, just to change things up without any warning. Striking Matches is a songwriting and performing duo that originated in Nashville while Sarah and Justin (the two halves of the duo) were studying at Belmont University. They are by far my favorite songwriting team I’ve been exposed to since living in Nashville and there song of highest acclaim was featured in Nashville season one, performed by Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio (Scarlett & Gunner).

I’ve yet to stop loving this song – so I figured it was time to record my own version and since I haven’t shared my own music on here in a while, I thought I would!

2 thoughts on “When the Right One Comes Along

  1. Wow Shannon! You’re voice is utterly stunning! You should apply for a role on Nashville, seriously! It’s one of my favourite TV shows too. Brilliant work again, love it!

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