beyond content breaks barriers

Beyond content is breaking boundaries and transforming the current agency market that exists. They have no limitations with their portfolio and design, working to enhance a viewers experience and satisfy their client base. They have a large network of developers, producers, and taste makers as the driving force behind their inspiration for brands, festivals, and collaborations. They are a company that embrace technology and it’s ever-changing persona, while still somehow keeping things beautifully simple.

Check out their portfolio here!

I work side-by-side with their founder, Beau Burgess on a day-to-day basis and enjoy watching all of their new projects come to life. There was one that really caught my eye as part of a Red Bull Sound Select initiative and a recent post on their blog brings it to life;

Big Freedia Coming to Nashville & Featured in Beyoncé’s new single “Formation”

With all the buzz surrounding Beyonce’s pre-Superbowl music video release, there’s probably no better time for Big Freedia (featured in the single) to reap the press benefits. Beyonce also just announced a leg of her tour in home sweet Nash on May 5th. This couldn’t have come as a better pre-cursor to Freedia’s show in Nashville at Exit/In on February 23rd, which I guarantee, will now sell-out.

Check out Beau’s poster design below and contact beyond content for all things that seem unimaginable:


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