Try This! Hot Head (Thermal Hair Care)

If you’re anything like me, you probably disrespect your hair more than you know. Your hair is like the true friend in your life who’s always good to you, even keeps in touch since you moved to Nevada, but you never seem to return the favor.

You color-treat it, blow it dry, style it and never seem to give it the nourishment it needs. One day, your hair is going to demand respect and if you don’t give that, it may just up and leave.

On Saturday I decided to spend some time with my locks and nourish them the way they deserve to be treated. Sandra Snell is the owner and creator of Thermal Hair Care, spreading hair love with her “Hot Head” Deep Conditioning Heat Caps. The process of using these can be a bit time consuming, around 45 minutes in total after your bath or shower, but I found out just how worth it that time commitment was.

When I received my hot head in the mail from Sandra, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I like to think of product reviews like Christmas, so I know a lot about the “toy” before I open it, but have to read the “directions” for it to really become mine (I might’ve been a weird kid). Anyway,  the plastic bag you see on the left is packed-full of plastic shower caps, which I wasn’t expecting. You put those on before you put the Hot Head on. I definitely think you could use one at least five times, so it’s probably over a years worth that comes with the initial product. They aren’t those cheap plastic shower caps that rip when you try to put them over your hair either – they’re actually pretty good quality with a strong elastic band.

The idea of this product is that the heat from heating up your Hot Head in the microwave before use, will help to really activate the hair treatment you’ve applied after your shower.

For my hair treatment I used,

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

that came in my Birchbox last month. While I absolutely loved the results I got using this treatment, you can truly use any sort of treatment or hair mask you want (don’t count those end-of-the-aisle drugstore rack packets out just yet).

Once I applied my hair treatment, I followed the Hot Head instructions for heating up the cap in the microwave and placed it over the shower cap that was already holding my damp, treated hair. It was the perfect amount of heat when I put it on, not overbearing at all, and it was actually relaxing enough to almost fall asleep with it on, but I meditated instead (I try to do that at least twice I week, but it always works out to be about twice a year – so maybe Hot Head can help with that from now on). I also used the time to send silly Snapchats because, who wouldn’t?


There are a zillion style options to choose from on their website, but I went with a classic look. Some of the most popular patterns are featured below:

When you take off the Hot Head you rinse out the hair treatment with cool water and style as usual. My hair has NEVER BEEN SOFTER. I mean it. I didn’t have to put in any additional shine oils when styling and it actually seemed like I had the ability to go more days in-between washing without my hair getting oily.

The way I look at Hot Head is that it’s like a heating pad for your brain. I see myself not only using it for a treatment, but just when I’m relaxing after a long day of work and need to relieve that headache we all get from looking at screens every day of our lives.

My hair and I have a great relationship again and if you want that spark back with yours, click the banner below!

Product rating: 8/10


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