With a Summer anthem worthy of every alternative or pop driven playlist on Spotify, NIGHTLY has caught the city of Nashville’s attention pretty quickly. Filling the venue space of 12th and Porter  to the brim for their second home-based show ever, their talent was as undeniable as their ability to make a room full of people let loose in a town where audiences don’t dance.

Nashville is the city of networking, so shows become more about introductions and shaking hands than getting lost in the music. That’s a pattern I was happy to see broken at NIGHTLY’s show a few weeks back and I was even more excited to see their music transcend the live space and cross over just as well into a pair of headphones or car speakers.

They officially released their first single, “XO” on Soundcloud yesterday (May 17th) and I’m just warning you, it may be stuck in your head for like a week straight (tops).

It’s just that good.

Within a few short weeks and with only one track on their profile, this duo is now up to 1,577 monthly listeners on Spotify and counting. The great thing about NIGHTLY, is they’re showing first-hand that good music is all you need to get people hooked and after seeing them live, there’s no doubt in my mind their future releases will exceed all expectations.

“XO” is the letter you scribbled in that old, falling-apart journal you keep under your mattress. It’s everything you bite your tongue trying not to say and drive yourself crazy holding in. While it’s an upbeat and fun track, there’s a deeper story to the lyrics that makes you somehow reflect while clapping your hands. This song is perfectly simplistic.

NIGHTLY was featured as ALT 98.3’s artist of the month for May, so Nashville (and iHeartRadio using) fans can be super happy when they hear this amazing track and already know it (you’re welcome).

This is just the beginning for NIGHTLY and their music and from the looks of their recent buzz, Nashville isn’t the only city excited about them taking off. I’ve been playing NIGHTLY daily and I think after just one listen, you will be too.


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