Give Well: Musicians on Call

You’ve probably heard it before: music heals. But it’s one thing to know the power of music exists and it’s another to see it in action. Musicians on Call has been the force behind the healing power of music across America since 1999. During that time, they’ve set up in-room performances for over half a million individuals and they continue to supersede that record every day.

“Give Well” is a 2017 series of Livewell’s Latest based solely on charities and non-profits that are truly doing great things. I’m passionate about a lot of things, but the most of which, is giving. Nothing makes me happier than making other people smile and I don’t think there’s a more suited organization than Musicians on Call to feature first in this series.

I spoke to a Musicians on Call employee about their location in Nashville and the highlights of being a part of such a unique team. There mission, in five words?

“Deliver the healing power of music!” They didn’t even have to think about it. “We bring live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities.”
Photo by: Musicians on Call

“The most rewarding moments come from witnessing a change in the environment as the musician plays,” they said. “We’ve seen Veterans move their injured limbs to the music—and children smile for the first time since they’ve been in the hospital to receive treatment for cancer. These one-on-one interactions between a musician and a patient have the powerful effect of restoring the happiness that often fades away in healthcare facilities.”

You probably know this to be true in your own life; that when music takes over a room, the entire memory you have there is associated with that song. That is what Musicians on Call does for patients across the U.S..

I asked what the highlight of last year was for them as an entire organization.

“Early last year, we played for our 500,000th person! We are the largest provider of volunteer musicians in healthcare facilities.”

In 2016, Musicians on Call (MOC) launched their Half a Million Moments campaign, celebrating their musical service to over a half a million patients, families and caregivers. One of my favorite MOC Moment shares is from Gavin DeGraw.

You can volunteer at any time to be either a guide, or a performing musicians, and create your own MOC Moment.

How often does MOC bring on new musicians?

“This depends on how new the city is,” they explained. “For newer locations, we can usually get a musician on-boarded fairly quickly. Some of our more established cities have a waitlist before we can begin the interview process. Volunteer Guides, however, are usually in high demand.”

This year we look forward to expanding to more cities.”

If you find yourself relating with, or loving the mission behind MOC, but don’t have a location in your city, you can check out the becoming a Champion section of their website and pioneer the launch of one!

If you’re looking for a way to get involved, look no further than MOC.


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