“Prime” Couture Under $20

By prime I mean, Amazon Prime, which has become my new favorite space to shop on. That’s right, I said it… I actually love getting my clothes on Amazon and here’s why;

  • 2 day shipping
  • Countless options
  • Straight forward reviews
  • Free exchanges/ returns
  • I mean… I could just keep going

Of course, not everything on Amazon is great. In fact, a lot of it just isn’t. But if you use the helpful little tool bar on the left hand side to refine your search, you’ll thank me later. Here’s a step-by-step for finding the greatest items Amazon has to offer.

Step 1: Find something amazingly cute and far too expensive on another site – like this $50 (not including shipping) palm print jumpsuit from Fashion Nova. 


Step 2: Search the same key words on amazon.com 

  • i.e. palm print jumpsuit, palm tree romper, etc.

Step 3: Sort your search on the left side by “5 star” average customer reviews & the price bracket you’re in (I selected under $25)

Step 4: READ the customer reviews on the product (at least 5 different ones to gauge the overall reaction)

Step 5: Place your order! When I got this one from Amazon, I actually thought it was cuter than the original AND it was on sale for $9. $9!!! 


This was seriously the most magical find on Amazon. I wore it on my best friend’s bachelorette cruise and had a rum & coke spilt down one leg and a cranberry & vodka spilt down the other (none of which were spilt by me might I add) and with toilet paper and warm water (resources were limited) you can’t even TELL! My amazing assistant at work, Emily, really wanted to know the process of finding such magical clothing – so here we are!

These dark, high-wasted jeans… $16 on Amazon! 
This cute, flowy green top… $6 from Amazon! 

I would not steer you wrong, friends. Try it out and you’ll see there’s a method to my madness. It might not be the quickest, but it will be the most rewarding way to shop for clothes.

Happy hunting!

4 thoughts on ““Prime” Couture Under $20

  1. I Loved your display & all the advice should I ever be shopping Amazon now I know just how to go about it and get the nicest deals !! Thank you! 🙂

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