Check On Your Strong Friend

“Check on your strong friend.” I saw this today and it really struck a chord with me. So easily, especially in an age of living for “likes,” it’s easy to think that everyone is doing well. That smiles are real and laughs aren’t a mask for the cries someone had the night before. It’s easy to go about your life, caught up in staring at one screen from the next; asking “how are you?” And not sticking around to even hear the answer as you pass someone in a hallway.

Most of the time, the people who seem the strongest have the most weight on their shoulders.

Take moments to check in with the ones you care about. Schedule time to see them. All too often, we hide behind the idea that just because we send a text or “heart” a Facebook post, we’re there for someone, but we’re only reacting to the things and the moments they want 1,000 other people to see.

“Check on your strong friend” and take moments to check in with yourself. You may never realize how much it helps, but there’s a real beauty in the unseen.

One thought on “Check On Your Strong Friend

  1. So true, we do only see on social media what people want us to see most of the time the surface stuff, we are all so much more, we all have deeper dimensions to us, such a thoughtful reminder to try and be aware and to be more sensitive to others in our lives! This is a great read!

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