Bonding Bees: A Trip Around the World

Bonding Bees is a company striving to re-invent date night. Kayla, the owner of Bonding Bees, has her own story and personal reasons for starting the company and you can read more about that HERE.

As a couple, Kyle and I have tried a few of these companies and they’re all unique and special in their own way. I think it’s all about finding the type of “spice” you and your partner enjoy and seeing what is a good fit for you. Bonding Bees is definitely one for the quirky, adventurous couple who are sick of the same old dinner and Netflix combo every night. A lot of date-night boxes are quick (more like date hour) but with Bonding Bees, you can tell a lot of time went into putting together something that would be a night-long activity for you and your partner.

The JULY box is also the first box we’ve done together being ENGAGED. This is also my first time announcing that to all of you, so SURPRISE! Kyle proposed to me on June 30th and I’ve been walking on clouds ever since.


This box was all about traveling the globe from your own home – use code “datenight” at checkout to save $10:

➡️ Visit India as you do couples yoga
➡️ Play a Mancala game in Kenya
➡️ Make frozen hot chocolate and yodel in Switzerland
➡️ Learn Chinese hieroglyphics in China
➡️ Complete the date with a scratch off world map to mark where you’ve been and want to go together! ✈️

Here are some highlights from our date-night in:

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The most amazing part of Bonding Bees, in my opinion, is their dedication to give back. You might have noticed on their box is the mission statement: Gather. Give. Grow. Every month they select a “couple of the month” to feature and donate to a charity of their choice, as well as sponsoring an adorable child named, Francisca. Read more about their mission to give back and help support it HERE.  


If you decide to give Bonding Bees a try, let me know in the comments below and share on socials #LivewellBondingBees so we can see your adventures unfold. Happy Bonding!



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