The Escape Game: Double Date Edition

The rain in Nashville has been unbearable. Instead of renewing the lease on my car, I’m contemplating leasing a small motor boat. It’s so hard to enjoy weekends & stick to plans when the skies are gray and the roads are… well, Nashville roads in the rain…

need I say more???

That being said, we jumped at the opportunity to do something indoors that was still fun & adventurous for double date night! As a girl who refers to herself as Nancy Drew on the regular, I was beyond excited to partner with the Escape Game & review their newest location at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville (523 Opry Mills Drive Nashville, TN 37214) – if you park at the Macaroni Grill/ Madame Tussauds entrance you’ll be golden). You can use DISCOUNT CODE: LIVE10 for 10% off your Escape Game booking!!

we were READY for this game… 

We decided to do the Special Ops: Mysterious Market room before we knew the difficulty was 8/10. The max amount of players for the room is 8 and we had 4, so we were really stacking the odds against us…


The employees of Escape Game were the biggest breath of fresh air coming into the mall from the madness of the Opry Mills parking lot in bad weather. We were greeted by Scott, who cared so much about making our experience an enjoyable one and it showed. I don’t think any of us expected that level of hospitality and it was a welcomed surprise. Our guide brought us to our room and explained the mission to us, going over every detail and making sure we were ready before starting the timer and leaving us to our own devices. Here’s a debrief on our room –


You and your fellow field agents were sent to investigate the area’s local market. It’s late, it’s quiet… but something’s not quite right. Just as you are about to wrap up your inspection, you encounter a twist you never expected. Should you have seen this coming?

img_5752img_5747img_5748img_5750With all escape rooms, you’re given 3 clues for free – asking for additional clues will cost you points, but not take anything off your time. We asked for a total of 6 clues throughout the hour and escaped with 4 minutes remaining!!!

To say we had a blast would be an understatement! The room was tough. It made us think, for sure. There was definitely a point where we didn’t think we’d escape at all! I would 10/10 recommend this Escape Game and the adventure we chose over any we’ve done in the past across multiple states & in Nashville. From start to finish, we felt like we were getting a VIP treatment and that made our rainy double date night all the more enjoyable. They have rooms for all sorts of events, leadership retreats, bachelorette parties, and even families with younger kids (i.e. The Playground). 

You can book online pretty far out, so if you have some time coming up where you have friends & family in town, want to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or just fill a Friday night, don’t forget to use code: LIVE10 for 10% off your order!!



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