Kodak Plus PRINTOMATIC: Date Day + Giveaway

A lot of you were super into my review of the Kodak Plus PRINTOMATIC last month (yes, I linked it again for those of you skimmers out there). It’s been a while since I reviewed a tech item and I have to say this instant print camera has been a weekend vibes game-changer. You can get all of technical thoughts, tips & tricks on this beauty in my earlier mentioned review, but today is all about showing you a day in the (engaged) life of Kyle & I: featuring the Kodak Plus PRINTOMATIC. Oh yeah – today is also about… GIVING ONE AWAY!!!

If you’re familiar with my blog or socials at all, then you know Kyle and I love our date days and exploring this city we call our own, but still find something new in every time. With our wedding lifestyle change (not diet) in full swing, we start out most weekend mornings by playing tennis as long as the weather is cooperating. This was the first place we took our PRINTOMATIC and I was honestly super impressed with how the camera captured the colors of the court and rackets (please don’t mind our racket handles… we get them re-taped almost immediately after taking this photo and don’t want to talk about it…)


This same day was a hot dog place in town (affectionately called Daddy’s Dog – you heard right) puppy play day. It features a ton of vendors (we got the best leash ever for Bailey) and even a couple of photo booths, including a self-take “kissing boot” where you know I had to get one of Kyle and Bailey since she’s such a Daddy’s girl.


Both being from up North, we’re pretty much always missing a real diner experience and Noshville (there are a through of them throughout town including in the airport) is the closest we can get. It was off to there for a late lunch where we decided to get artsy with the black & white feature on the PRINTOMATIC and take some 1950’s style diner shots.


After, we went down to Broadway to play tourists for the day and to also visit Savannah’s Candy Kitchen which is HANDS DOWN the best homemade candies in Nashville. Even though it’s in the center of Broadway it is far from a tourist trap. It was there since before tourist was even a word in the English language – okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but their pralines are worth fighting for and you can get a free sample whenever their making them at the front window.


In case you’ve been under a rock, the NFL draft happened in Nashville this past weekend, so we got to explore while they were setting up all of the stages for the following weekend’s events and it was so cool to see it all come together. Just for fun, here’s a great crowd shot from the actual draft weekend – pretty sure Savannah’s ran out of praline samples:


Now for the giveaway – go to my post on Instagram featuring the beauty and follow these steps:

  • Follow me on Instagram
  • Follow @KodakPlus
  • Like this post on my feed
  • Comment on this post and tag a friend who you love capturing memories with

Cannot wait to gift one of these to you!!!


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