No One Holds a Candle to Candlelight Cleaning Co.

No one holds a candle to Candlelight Cleaning Co. & it’s my job to share this hidden gem of Nashville with all of you! When you think about cleaning your house, you’ve probably got your standard weekly procedure; dust, vacuum, mirrors, bathroom, & call it a day by lunch time. I consider myself a very Type A & clean/ organized person, & I truly didn’t know the meaning of clean until I partnered with Candlelight Cleaning Co.. A lot of you already know this news from social media, but Kyle & I finally bought our first home! In true Woodworth fashion, it was really #WELLWORTHTHEWAIT! The bones of the house are everything we could ever ask for & we knew with a good clean, & some fresh paint, it would be ours in no time.

What I couldn’t have prepared for, is how brand new our house would feel after Candlelight Cleaning Co. spent the day there! Sabrina & Jessica arrived 10 minutes early on the day of the clean, which was so appreciated because I was meeting them at our new home before my work day. I walked them through the house & showed them some things to avoid, which they attentively listened to. They were personable & wore their masks the entire time they were in our space, which made me feel extremely comfortable!

Since I wasn’t at the home while they were cleaning, they kept me promptly updated, & I felt like our new home was in the best possible hands. Because we only got the keys to the house two days before they came to clean it, we weren’t aware of the hidden corners, or just how much work needed to be done in the home.

Sabrina & Jessica didn’t cut any of them. They were at our house for almost 12 hours cleaning every wall, ceiling, window, drawer, door, & surface. I was most impressed by the kitchen, which they turned inside-out in the best possible way. It truly looked brand new when I walked in & honestly, my jaw almost hit the floor, but I didn’t want to mess up where they just mopped. Some photos of the kitchen are below:

slide to see the oven transformation!

When we bought our house, the kitchen cabinets seemed a light-washed gray & we were planning on repainting them. Candlelight Cleaning Co. restored their original color & brought out this stark white we didn’t even know was there!

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Probably my favorite transition was the top of the cabinets that likely hadn’t been dusted since they were installed.

I will be sharing some more before & after photos on Instagram, as well as a house tour on stories, but when I say they didn’t miss anything I mean ANYTHING. The washer & dryer probably didn’t look this good when they were installed, to be honest. When I tell you I could see my reflection in the metal, I mean it.

In the photo below, you can see the blade of the ceiling fan they cleaned in the back, & the blade they hadn’t gotten to yet at the forefront. The transformation is incredible. Originally we were going to replace the fan, & now I am obsessed with how cute it is!

They even cleaned the inside of our closet install! EACH CUBBY! It’s so white I have to wear sunglasses in there now:

The greatest thing about Candlelight Cleaning Co. is that they truly care about what they do & it’s evident every step of the way. They are responsive during set up, work with any budget, & are flexible on customizing their services for that particular client. They are so kind & respectful, while making sure the job is done right. They will truly not miss a single inch of your space when making it everything you could ever hope for. Normally, I would roll up my sleeves & tackle a project like this myself, but because of COVID & the house being older, I really wanted to put our new home in the hands of professionals; that is exactly what I feel I got. They took a 28 year old home & turned it into something that looks like it was built last year.

We are forever grateful to Candlelight Cleaning Co. for making our mission, their mission, & not resting until they reached perfection on our new home. They worked all day long on every square inch & it did not go unnoticed. If you have never had your home deep-cleaned, I highly recommend getting it done every so often! They are professionals for a reason & there will be things you miss, that they always look for. Also, getting one done before a move-in like we did here truly takes the weight off your shoulders. The space instantly feels like yours, you can no longer smell the older owners (we all know that “other person” smell I am talking about), & you can rest assured that you’re moving into a clear, clean home. Any cleaning need you can think of, they won’t only meet it, they’ll exceed it. They even left us a candle when they finished, which just added to the personal touch of the entire experience. You can visit them on Facebook HERE or contact them at You’ll never make a better decision for your home, I promise!

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