Less Stress with infanttech

As a new mom, one of the things that made me so anxious for the first few times was driving anywhere alone with my daughter. It felt like we were so disconnected and I had no access to her. Of course we had the typical back seat mirror so I could look in my rearview mirror to see what she was doing, but that was a big distraction and if I hit a bump, or it got a little dark outside, I couldn’t even see her anymore in the reflection. That is why I was so excited when infanttech reached out about partnering to experience their zooby for the first time! The zooby is a portable baby monitor that you can use anywhere, really, but especially in the car. The best part is, your little one thinks they are playing with a stuffed animal and stare directly into the camera that feeds to a monitor on your windshield.

The best part about the monitor placement is that you’re no longer looking up, or back, or away from the road. This is no different than where you’d have a GPS placement. The video quality is top-notch! When she’s sleeping, I can even see her breathing which gives any new parent so much peace of mind. What I might be most excited about though, is that the camera feed is also night-vision compatible, so if it gets dark while you’re driving, there is no longer a worry of losing sight on your little one.

Set up is so versatile and easy! The zooby itself is already put together (we chose the giraffe) and you simply plug it in to charge. You also charge the display screen. You can charge both elements in your car with car chargers (which they provide), but I’ve noticed if you charge in your home plugged into an outlet (also provided), they charge quicker and stay charged longer! Once your items are charged, you simply connect the monitor to your dashboard and the zooby to the backseat, looking down at your little one. You can watch my reel HERE to see how easy it all is! If your little is front facing, you can still use by installing your zooby on the back of your front seats. The buckle of the zooby is crash-tested and safety assured, which gives even more peace of mind when using this product.

If your zooby is not plugged into the car continuously, I will say the battery life spans about the length of a few 30 minute trips. You may want to charge every other day or so if you’re charging in the home and bringing them out cordless (turning off the camera & monitor after each use will make sure you’re getting optimal battery life). zoobys are electronics, so make sure you bring them inside when you aren’t using them to prolong their lifespan. Another reminder would also be to remove the monitor from your windshield when parking in public places. This is something that just gives me peace of mind since electronics are always enticing to people who may want to steal items from cars and just a fellow mama reminder for all of you running around just like me! I cannot say enough amazing things about this product and we are so excited we have it as a part of our daily routine!

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