Meet Me

This is my first actual blog. I say “actual” because I’ve had a few before when I was in seventh grade and thought that my time was best spent writing in an forum about the boy in my algebra class who wouldn’t give me the time of day. Rough life, I know. Honestly though, I have always been so much more mature than should be allowed for my age. When I was seven I was sitting with the adults at birthday parties instead of playing dress-up in the other room.

I don’t know what it is about me really. I have an imagination, I always have. I’ve just found it more practical to use it for constructive things… since I could walk. I guess that’s sort of a conundrum in itself.

Anyway, I’ve thought about starting up an “actual” blog for a while now. I have a lot to say, not that any of it is informational. I’m more quantitative than qualitative in this aspect of my life.

I’m a singer/songwriter and I am in love with music, which I hope is the reason I can bring you all back for more. Back to the whole me being an old-soul thing, some of my favorite music is from the 50’s and 60’s, and I feed off of that stylization in the music I write and perform.

On top of just being an artist myself though I find it extremely interesting to interview others. That’s where Livewell’s Latest came from. It’s a column I write for the University of New Haven’s paper, and it’s gotten stale. After over fifty interviews in three years you sort of run out of creative ideas (I guess I should have played dress-up more as a kid).

That’s why I’m here. There’s so much I want to say without having the confines of an editor, and school guidelines. I want my artist’s interviews to be heard, not just read, and I want them to express more than the next tour date. There’s a point where you stumble just before you fall, and you’re able to either get your footing or plunge head first into the pile of food on the tray your carrying (I’ve been there). I’m hoping that this is my chance to get my footing. To catch myself (my artist interviews) before I (they) fall flat on my (their) face.

It’s up to you, really. No pressure.

My first pick for all of you to listen and enjoy… Sam Smith, ladies and gentleman.

The voice of an angel, and the hair of Elvis Presley on a day he ran out of gel…

2 thoughts on “Meet Me

    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely love the song you shared with me, and I will be sure to follow your blog! Please continue to check mine for some more uninteresting posts about my daily life and my quirky habits! haha.

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