I promised myself that I would post on here at least once a day when I made this blog two days ago, (yesterday slipped my mind) so we’re going to pretend today is my second day with this posting regimen.

Promises are a funny thing… I think they’re actually one of the things in life that can easily become a double-standard.For some reason the word “promise” has gotten this feminine stigma attached to it. Guys feel emasculated by it somehow. How is that really fare though? Is that saying that guys are excused from every fully making a commitment because they might seem feminine by saying they promise to do something? Just a thought. It’s not like I sit here and dwell over the dilemma, actually today, right now, is the first time I’ve thought about it, but it is really interesting.

I guess when it comes down to it everything we do in life is some form of a promise. We make a promise to ourselves to eat right or exercise, we promise out parents to be home in time for dinner, or that we’ll call them once a day if we’re away at college, we promise each other, every individual, that we will treat them with respect (although this one is frequently broken, it still counts).

Most importantly though, above all else, I believe there’s a promise that goes all-too-easily unmade… the promise to give to others. To support those who need it, to lend a hand to someone whenever and wherever you can.

So I challenge you to make that promise. Promise yourself to do one good thing for the next few days, and I guarantee you will feel like a brand new person.

Holding the door for someone coming in after you counts.

So does a smile.

& because I promised myself  (no pun intended) to gear this blog more towards music than my random rambles…

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