Double Standard

I’m realizing more and more, the older I get and the more I see of the music industry I strive to be a part of, the double standard that it possess.

Before I used to think that there was none. My naive self saw all of these women in the industry around me and it never occurred to me that they were treated any differently.

I am far from a feminist (although I may resemble one in this post). I believe that men and women have their norms, or roles that they assume, which become specifically evident in a partnership like a relationship or marriage.

I feel like careers are a different ball game though. I think that when it comes to work everything should be equal. A man isn’t going to get hired because his shoes make his legs look good, so why should that be something women deal with.

There will always be a fair share of sexist pigs wherever you go, but not much has really been done to eliminate in our industry.

The most women are assumed to do is answer phones and make appointments … secretary literally means female assistant. But what honor comes along with that? At 21 years of age I have never been just a bookkeeper and I only see now, how greatly men are surprised when they interview me for a position.

Of course women are more emotional and they put feelings and loved ones first, but that doesn’t take away from the value of their work. If anything they work harder because they want to, not boost their own egos, but make the ones that matter to them proud.

All of this came about when I was in class (just now… I probably should be paying attention instead of blogging but… Ooops) and my teacher showed us a picture of a recording engineer and his wife (who was also in the industry). My teacher said “look at all the equipment he has in his house, I can only imagine how his wife must complain and talk about the smarter investments he could make with his money.”

Now my teacher is older and he means nothing by this at all, but it got my wheels turning. Maybe she bought him the equipment, maybe half is hers, maybe she doesn’t want kids and they have an open marriage, maybe she’s more than just a check book balancer and meat loaf cooker.

My point is that women aren’t always the logical ones, the ones who care the most about talking, or feelings, or family…. But so what if they are? Does that value them any less because they aren’t perfectly career oriented. Because work isn’t the end all be all of their lives?

Work will come and go, but I won’t hold you at night. The only difference is that women know that and some guys never realize.

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