Lunch Time Listen 4.24.14

After my time as a contestant on American Idol I have really given up on reality voice competitions, that is until I started doing some research on The Voice. While you will always have some sort of script with reality television, The Voice is the one show that really strives to focus on the talent they are presented with.

I have not only been a fan of the show here in the US, but I have been trying to follow the show in the UK as well. For some reason, the UK tends to really stick to the roots of true soul/RnB/Rock N’ Roll music that paved the foundation for the industry today. From the day the Beatles came over from Liverpool, it was clear that other countries were using American based music and artist for inspiration and really honing their skills that way.

The US took a giant step back after the 70’s, allowing other places, like the UK, to be inspired more by our music then we were.

That always bothered me for some reason. I feel like as a country we don’t focus enough on the music that formed us and created the industry we have today.

Just as an example… your lunch time listen today is the UK version of the voice bringing back the amazing “styles” of the Stylistics (no pun intended).

Just listen to the simplicity of the lyrics, the amazing harmony opportunities, emotion that can easily be replicated by any one who has ever been in love. A song like this doesn’t exist in our generation, and I think that the UK knows how to keep that amazing music alive. We need to start taking notes!

Feedback as always, is very much appreciated!

Keep smiling 🙂

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