(Really Late) Late Lunch Listen 5.6.14

I hope you guys have been enjoying the music I’ve been sharing with you. I try to make my posts as eclectic as my iTunes library, and I think I definitely push those limits sometime. That’s really because I love exposing people to music they may not have found otherwise. Even if it’s something you think you’ll hate when you see the artist, I guarantee the music I post (if not always calming) will inspire you after the first listen. Inspire you to do what exactly? Well it all depends on your interpretation. But inspire you to love deeper, give more, think harder, persevere, dance, the spectrum is huge.

I normally post songs because of the lyrics, the beat, the artist, but normally never because of the video.

That’s all about to change though.

Being the hopeless romantic I’m sure by now you sense I am… I think this video may be the cutest, coolest, most organic concept I’ve seen from a Top 40 song in a while.

If Ellie Golding and Calvin Harris aren’t a couple, they should be.

And if they are, then kudos to them for taking a huge chunk of their personal time together and putting it on blast.

I literally love this video. I’m sure you’ve heard the song before, so instead of just relaxing and listening, I suggest you watch.


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