Late Night Listen 5.5.14

Happy Cinco De Mayo you lovely people! As I am guessing there is a smaller portion of you who are at home in sweat pants browsing the world wide web like me on this May 5th night (mainly because you’re either exhausted from your day, aren’t 21 yet, or have an exhausting day tomorrow), I wanted to share a piece of music for you to reflect on.

This song has alway struck me since it’s first came out on the soundtrack of the wonderful movie Once featuring Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

This song is a struggle. You can feel the competing tensions of loving someone and not being able to keep them where you need them to be happy. Whether it’s in the same city, or in the relationship at all.

It’s saying”when your minds made up, there’s no point in trying to change it.” Followed by an ending stating, “so, if you ever want something, and you call, call, then I’ll come running.”

The all-too-familiar tale told about the hopeless lover who feels the unrequited pang, but never ceases to give up on that other person.

It’s beautiful. Peaceful. Simple. Tragic. Eclectic. Everything you need to reflect on the day you have, the experiences you’ve encountered, or the words that tell a story.

Happy Listening!

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