Late Night Listen 5.12.14 (technically 5.13.14)

It’s hard to tell whether I should classify my late night listens at midnight or later, as early morning. But then my clever repetition of the first syllable would be void, and I’d be sad.

I want to keep this short and sweet. Basically I challenge you to sit back, close your eyes (whether you’re laying in bed right now reading this, or sitting at a table in the corner of a 24-hour McDonald’s), and feel this song. Listen to the words, and let the melody hit you.

You may find yourself feeling as though your stuck in a season four episode of Grey’s Anatomy, with a montage of every lead character crying in some enclosed space where there lives seem to generally be crumbling around them at the very same moment.

Either way, you’re bound to reflect a little, and I don’t think there’s a better time to do that than right before you lay your head down for the night.

On a scale of 1 to Well Worth It... What did you think?

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