Lunch Time Listen 5.15.14

Welcome back! Or actually, I guess that’s what you’d be saying to me. Finals have been so crazy so I have had to leave you all lunch-time-listenless lately. But that’s over now!

I heard this gem while driving to the pharmacy earlier and I have to say that the hook is what kept me listening, because I’m not usually a fan of Paramore; I love what they stand for, but their music lacks the ingenuity that I look for, until I heard “Ain’t it Fun.”

I think everything about this song and video is different and unique. It puts a positive spin on someone telling you that the real world is scary and lonely some times. The gospel choir effect in addition to the hook is definitely not a Paramore classic move, but I have to say it works, and could be what got my RnB self hooked to the song.

If you haven’t heard it yet listen, if you’ve heard but haven’t seen the video, watch it. If you’ve heard and hate it, thanks for making it this far down my post!

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