Late Lunch Listen – 5.30.14

If you’re having lunch right now then maybe you’re not in the US, or you are, and you had to work through yours. Whatever the case may be, it’s time for a lunch time listen, or really just my excuse to share some amazing music with all of you. This time though, I’m gonna make you think.

Usually the songs I post require you to sit back, clothes your eyes, and relax for hopefully the first time all day.

I have posted Sam Smith a few times before I think, but I feel that he is going to be HUGE soon, and I want to be the one who started promoting him and his music from the start.

You have to watch this video though, and the whole thing, because you’ll be very surprised by the end. And here’s where your job comes in. You have to tell me… with Smith making this announcement with his video just four days before his first album hit stores, do you think it was a way of expressing himself, building buzz around the music, or both?

It’s hard to tell in today’s industry what is real and what is fake when it comes to artists, and I like to think that Smith is as real as they get. His music speaks volumes, and now, so do his videos.

I challenge you to think you know the ending before you watch it because I guarantee you’ll be wrong. You may think the title is telling, but it surely is not!

I love his brave, bold, unique flare, and the way that he expresses himself through his music. It is clear that while he has a passion and love for what he does in his career, he has a passion and love for himself. That makes all the difference.

On a scale of 1 to Well Worth It... What did you think?

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