Lunch Time Listen 6.2.14

Happy June!

After my little hiatus from the internet and work and school, I am back in motion with everything, and as much as I hate being constantly tired I have to say that I much prefer being busy with work then just sitting at home watching the Rachel Ray Show (most days). Although it means less time to post music for all of you, don’t think I don’t have a few tricks (and interviews) up my sleeve!

I heard this song at work the other day and completely forgot about it. It came out while I was living in Nashville, and I absolutely fell in love with it. My boyfriend and I received tickets to go see her perform it live at the Southern Biscuits and Jam Festival in Tennessee. I am literally in love with the sentiment behind the song, and the story that it tells.

I think that this is one of those songs that simply catchy to me before I saw her perform it live, and I watched the video to further tell the story.

This is a song that could be an anthem for women around the world who feel stuck where they are, who regret not making moves faster, in any situation, and who feel that they were blinded by some sort of love. I have known so many women in my time on earth who feel, or have felt this way, and it’s so sad when you are on the outside watching them go through it and at a loss for what to do. Sometimes the woman just has to come to terms with it on her own, and I think this song is a strong and brave account of how it feels when you do that.

Happy Listening!

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