Bringing the Roof off Brighton

Lately the Boston and Chicago hip-hop scene has been growing rapidly, and merging into one amazing industry within the industry. Artists such as Michael Christmas, Gio Dee, Kevin Abstract, and Alex Wiley are taking the hip-hop world by storm and putting on #rare, #XmasinJune sets for fans of all races, ages, and genders.

All of these artists have eclectic styles, that when brought together form a melting pot of classic hip-hop with new story lines, of genuine guys with a purpose to make music that speaks to the audience. So it only makes sense that they would share a set, and opening that set would be Stiz… An artist that is personable enough to be genuine, without letting the audience too close (besides the jump off stage to dance with the crowd… We’re talking not to personal metaphorically).

Stizz brought the crowd to their max, pumping them up for the party of the night that was to follow. He told stories of his father and the first time he heard one of Stizz’s tracks, and talked about trips to the barber shop. Everything was 100% real, and showed just how authentic of an artist he truly is.

Kevin Abstract had a strange set. Coming out and saying that he “wasn’t important” or “didn’t deserve to be there” and that the song he was about to perform “didn’t matter” so he didn’t bother to tell the audience the title. It was the most uncomfortable set I’ve ever sat through, but it leads me to believe that something deeper happened before he went on stage. That his set was cut short when, Alex Wiley, who wasn’t expected to show due to traffic on his was to the venue, showed up minutes before Abstract’s set. Before Abstract went on stage I attended an interview that No Fillers blog did with the artist, and he was charismatic, funny, and the epitome of an artist, so I have to believe that his strangely pessimistic set was due to some external issue he couldn’t shake before he stepped foot on the stage.

Gio Dee and his six or so “hype” men came on stage ready to party and made me feel like I was at a backyard barbecue with a bunch of my closest friends. They were fun, energetic, the perfect opener, and one you could see headlining fairly soon. His music was passionate and spoke to the audience. It was clear the people of Brighton were listening.

Alex Wiley. Alex Wiley. If you haven’t listened to his latest album, Village Party it’s about time you do. This man makes Eminem look timid, and his unique ability to bring an completely different demographic of an audience to their knees is insane. He is in his element on stage, wearing his heart on stage, and it shows from the moment he enters the stage to the time he leaves.

Michael Christmas. A big teddy bear with a heart of gold, seeming to never forget where he came from on his pretty quick journey to the top. Christmas played at Summer Jam not too long ago, alongside Kendrick Lamar , and last night at Brighton Music Hall he brought his dad up on stage at the end of his set for Father’s Day. His set was quirky, different, funny, personal, and had every variable you need for a successful show, and an impeccable artist.

This show was a uniting of brothers from all cities and backgrounds. Karmaloop sponsored, Boston housed, and somewhat Chicago-raised, this set encompassed what we know and love of the hip-hop world in a new and unique atmosphere.

Check out the artists mentioned in this article, and follow them all on Twitter for the latest releases and info.


Especially check out @nofillers, the blog that will have that Kevin Abstract interview you don’t want to miss.

As always thanks for listening. Here’s hoping I brought new music to your ears, while opening your mind.




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