Airport Venting

The airport is really a frustrating place. You wake up early expecting it will take you hours to get through security, but then security takes two minutes (I’m not complaining about that) and your forced to sit in a warn-in chair with a lukewarm coffee for two hours until your flight is ready to board. Or the worst….. You decide “last time the security check went really fast, I’ll leave a little later,” so then you go later only to find that close to a thousand men and women are traveling for business that day and you’re number 1,001 to be seen. It’s really a hit or miss, like everything in life. At least I pulled a plan A today and got here with plenty of time to spare, and write this. I started two new jobs this summer. I work one all day (7-2) and one all night (3-11) and it’s getting to be really hard to keep up with the things I do as hobbies, like writing. When you love to write and can’t for a while you almost start to feel like you’ve lost your craft, as most of you probably know. It’s like when you fall off your bike as a kid and don’t get back on for a while, and when you finally do you’re a little… Wobbly.

As always I want to share a song with all of you, but because I’m in an airport and struggle with this wordpress app, I’m just going to tell you the title and artist, and you all will have to look it up. I know it’s annoying, and that’s extra work you may not have time to do, but I promise it’ll be worth it (or at least I really hope so). The song is called “Heart of Me” by Green River Ordinance and thanks to the Sirius radio I have in my new car for three months, I’ve heard a million times on 15 The Pulse, and I can’t get enough of it! They’re like a fray meets pearl jam hybrid that are bound to blow up very soon.

Now it’s time to take my lukewarm coffee and oversized, overstuffed carryon and move along slowly with the rest of the half early half late crew to an airplane that will smell like old peanuts and windex. Like everything else in life though, it’s all about the destination.

On a scale of 1 to Well Worth It... What did you think?

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