Witty – “Like I Do”

“Damn, do we end arm and arm or are we Armageddon
Guess you’ll never know ‘cause you never let him
Show you how he love and he trusts and he can do
But all of it showed, but you never were there”

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Take a catchy hook, a sampled beat, and a rapper who is more gifted with words than an English teacher on Christmas who asked for a new dictionary set, and you get a song for the books. One that hits close to 52,000 plays on SoundCloud in five days. A song that has more than fifteen videos made by fans on youtube and not one has less than 10,000 views. The definition of witty; showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor.That’s exactly what Witty, the Hip Hop artist taking the world by storm with his latest single, “Like You,” is the epitome of.

After the first listen I was hooked, which is why I decided to review this song instead of just posting it for a Lunch Time Listen, because I think it deserves more than that. The emotion that Witty let’s loose on this track is insane and you can almost picture him checking out his ex’s Instagram and being jaded by the love he lost, and jealous of the love she found.

If you ever gone through a break up you can relate to this song. If you’ve ever been brokenhearted, left alone, underestimated, or lost in the dark rooms of certain corners of life, you’ll be able to relate to this track and his words will resonate within the part of you that knows just how he feels.

Even if you’ve never been in love, you know what it feels like to be doubted, to be lost, to lose, and for all of those reasons, this song will touch a special place in your heart.

If you aren’t an avid Hip Hop listener, that’s okay, because this isn’t average. Witty is far from average. His words will shock you, his rhyme scheme is amazingly unique, and his use of tones in his voice throughout the track will drive you to listen again and again.

When you hear a song you want it to travel through your ears to your heart. This song goes there and back. You feel his pain. You miss who he’s missing. It’s intense. With the style and phrasing of Eminem, the poetic ability of Kendrick Lamar, and the rhyme scheme of Mac Miller, Witty combines the best of every world with his music and this track is his best by far.

“Damn, I’m jealous creeping through your Instagram
And find myself asking why the fuck that I still give a damn
About you, about us, like Mark give her the fuck up”

This is just a sample of the way he speaks to the audience in his track, or moreover, himself. This song is directed to the one who hurt him, the woman who let him go, the woman who broke his heart, and although the listener is on the outside looking in, it’s not hard to relate to the pain and emotion this track evokes.

Take a listen, then listen again. Try and stop yourself from singing the hook when it stops. I bet you it won’t work. Try and not get attached and involved with the lyrics, I bet you can’t. This song defies the idea that Hip Hop is dead, or Hip Hop is changing. Hip Hop my friends is simply being reborn in form of artists like Witty, and tracks like this.

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