Late Lunch Listen 9.23.14

It’s rare that a song in today’s industry has the ability to bring a listener to tears. The chills you feel when Jhene Aiko starts out her first verse of “Promises” off of her new album, “Souled Out,” you get chills. The first verse speaks to her daughter; the second to her brother who passed away, and the words say everything a listener would feel, but could maybe never put into words. The hook features Namiko, her adorable daughter who echoes Jhene throughout the entirety of the hook, leaving behind an adorable trace of a conversation between mother and daughter.

This song touches on pride, strength, the ability to change and grow, the power of love, the fear of losing it, the idea that life is too short, that pain is so strong, and that a good mindset can counteract it all.

Promise I’ll be alright, just know that I’ll be alright, know that I’ll be alright

This is an anthem for anyone who’s loved & lost. Who’s dealt with death, with tears, and hurt. Who’s found the strength in someone else to help them get over the hurtles in their life. Jhene makes it clear that her daughter is her rock; her motivation to fight through every day that is too tough where she feels like she can’t make it, and her brother watching over her gives her the hope to persevere.

I know I have been M.I.A with my posts for a while, and that is because I’m working on some music of my own. I truly hope that at least one of the songs I write can touch listeners the way “Promises” has touched so many. In my opinion, it is the best song off of the album and truly depicts the lyrical ability of Jhene as a songwriter.

Listen & Enjoy… make sure you grab some Kleenex before you hit play below (just a warning).

Also, check out Jhene Aiko’s interview on the story behind “Promises” and the experience of recording with her daughter.

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