Daughter and Son Volume Two

Daughter & Son are a NYC-based duo consisting of Jody Shelton and Mighty Kate. The two began their careers in the music industry as solo artists, but have now formed a artistic connection that creates undeniably beautiful music with simplistic verses, and hooks that deserve a repeat button of their own.

Back in 2008 these songwriting forces to be reckoned with were set up on a “musical blind date” by their managers. At this time, they possessed a collection of seven solo albums between the two of them, but it became evident that their musical capabilities as a whole were much stronger together than apart.

Daughter & Son
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The arrival of their new EP, Daughter & Son Volume Two brought joy to fans everywhere when it was released back in June of this year, followed by a beautiful video of their self-titled single, Daughter & Son.

Just like their music, this video exemplifies the gratification of brightening someone’s day. Following the story of the video’s protagonist, whose smile is rebuilt after the death of a loved one, based on the actions of strangers around her. The song is meaningful, with the strong chorus driving the emotion laced throughout the guitar-based melody.

In a min feature constructed by the talented duo, Kate speaks about the transformation from a solo writing career to one with Jody. She speaks about the newfound partnership in a freeing way, realizing just how nice it can be to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and rely on when the writer’s block becomes too hard to push through.

“Oh Lover” is one of the songs featured on the mini feature that documents the two and their musical process. This is one of my favorite songs written and performed by the duo, exemplifying the ability they have to sing the words most people search to say every day.

“Oh lover, you are my night sky, wrapped in a blanket of starlight. You gave me the strength to find my sight, so I’ll never be scared of the dark.”

This song is the unspoken letter that represents love in it’s purest form. There is no overly-romanticized verse leading to a bridge of unsolved heartache. This song is purely the raw feeling and emotion of love. The simplest of words that describe the most complex of feelings. And who doesn’t fall in love with the sound of two acoustic guitars playing in unison?

Together the two create beautiful harmonies intertwined with melancholy melodies resembling that of the Civil Wars. Backed by folk-like song structures, and realistic story-lines, their music cuts to the heart of a listener, peeling away any layers of fluff and revealing the heart of each track from the moment it starts.

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