Paper Lights: “Cavern” Review

Paper Lights is an Alternative Pop band, resounding from Atlanta, Georgia. The bands album, Cavern was released in November 2013, and encapsulates their personality and charisma with every track. “The Cave,” is a single off of Cavern, that has acquired worldwide attention by the likes of ESPN, Chic-fil-a, and Outdoor Magazine. Perhaps under-exposed based on their musical abilities, and inspirational tonality, Paper Lights exhibits true talent with no filler.

Consisting of members Dan Snyder (vocals & keys), Melanie Annabelle (vocals & glock), and Tim Friesen on bass guitar, the trio creates a song on Caverns larger than what they should represent, and it’s a beautiful surprise around every verse-driven corner.

“On Your Way” opens the album with Dan’s clean & clear vocals asking questions to some Jane Doe, while Melanie’s harmonies drive the song to a hook reminiscent of an early Dashboard Confessionals. Melanie’s verse to follow is laced with beautiful highs and melodic lows, carrying the song like a lullaby through the strong beat, which includes multiple level of percussion that are new Paper Lights, but very welcomed.

If you’re searching for a song with a driving beat that will surely drive you to the finish line if it’s playing on your ipod during any marathon you’re a part of  (don’t worry if the most you run is on your way to class so you’re not late, it’s the perfect soundtrack to a late night study session as well), “The Cave” will give you just that. Once again, the mix of Melanie’s and Dan’s voices serve as the perfect recipe for musical bliss. Tim steers the beat to a magical build with his persistent bass lines, and you can quickly see why this song has received such positive attention since it’s release.

My personal favorite track off of Caverns has to be “Counting on You.” With poetic lyrics and a simplistic beat, this song lends itself to Melanie’s melodic vocals, and focuses on leading to a hook that will be stuck in your head for hours after listening (trust me, I know).

“All the victories are locked into the version of himself that you once knew.”

Just like that line in the first verse of this telling track, every line following will make you analyze it. This song speaks from a place all of us possess, can never articulate.

Paper Lights are a gem in the treasure chest of independent music around the globe. It is up to you to listen enough to polish them, so that they shine bright like they deserve. The best part is, you won’t be able to think of one band they remind you of.

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