“Lemme Fly” Is a Game Changer

If you haven’t heard of an artist named Blunder from the suburbs of Upstate New York, well then you’ve probably been asleep, or looking for your music in all the wrong places. This 21-year-old hip-hop emcee is making his way through the speakers and into the hearts of fans everywhere. His music speaks volumes, relatable to so many, but specifically telling his story through it’s verses.

Tonight, Blunder released his latest track entitled, “Lemme Fly”;showing a new side of the emerging artist that is strong and convictive with the same sentimental undertones his audience knows and loves. Backed with an understated beat, simple and yielding to the poetic flow of his rhyme scheme, this song takes you a journey to something more. Repeating almost like it’s a mantra, the hook; “lemme fly.” The simplicity of these words is so contradictory to the power behind them, expressing that the New York artist is ready for bigger and better things.

If you’re a longtime fan of Blunder, or just having your first listen, you’ll soon realize the refreshing truth in his music. There are few artists that feel comfortable enough, or even know how to express the things that matter to them. Blunder is the exception to the rule. His music is real, honest, and emotional. Never peaking where you expect it to, and always going above and beyond average. “Lemme Fly” is no different, only an elevation in the right direction towards something bigger.

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