I Heard it Somewhere: A ‘Part Two’ Post

I’ve never done a part-two to one of my posts before. I’ve never found it necessary. For the most part I feel like once I introduce an idea, artists or album, there’s really no need for a follow-up. That being said, a Late Night Listen that I posted not so long ago didn’t fully showcase the depth behind the content so I wanted to dive deeper. The post outlined a playlist I created to compile the songs I used to never be able to track down. From the time I was about thirteen I had an instinctive ability to hear five seconds of a song and know whether or not I loved it (or liked it, or couldn’t wait to never hear it again). When I would fall in love with a melody or a chorus, I’d find myself intently listening to try and catch a few words or a key phrase to later google and locate it.

I wasn’t until recently that my life got a whole lot easier. Shazam changed everything. While I still have the same urge to immediately stop everything and listen to a song that catches my attention, I can now simultaneously identify it and share it directly to my Spotify playlist called, “I Heard it Somewhere.” For a more detailed description on the playlist and some of the original songs that were added to it, you can check out the post linked above.

I started the playlist in February with two songs and it now is up to 72 songs, which equates to four hours of music. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but the real diamond in the detail comes from where these songs are found. We all know that when we listen to music it tells a story, but these songs have an additional story attached. I could’ve have heard one song underlining a love scene in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s, Ghost Whisperer, or another while waiting for my green tea to be ready at Starbucks. I’ve gotten really good at conspicuously shazaming songs in non-discrete settings and Shazam now has a feature that allows me to directly add that song to one of my Spotify playlists.

While real life kicks back into full-swing around this time of year, whether your in school or working, Fall seems to bring about a time of change and constant growth or new experiences. My hope is that this playlist of randomly compiled songs that were unique enough to catch my attention in crazy situations or circumstances, will be able to relax you or help you through a rough day at the office or a late night study session.

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