Heaven on Earth

Where is your Heaven on earth? The one place you can go and feel like nothing else matters. I guess it doesn’t really have to be a place either; maybe it’s a person or a state of mind. Either way, we all have that thing that can take us to another place and really let us escape the craziness of life.

This week has been so busy and stressful for me, that I was really tested to think about my place and try to go to it both visually and physically whenever I could. Usually, my happiest place where the world fades away is sitting on the couch with my best friend, eating a dinner that we had the time to make together and catching up on our favorite shows. In that moment nothing else matters. I don’t think about due dates, problems, stress, it all just melts off my shoulders because it’s a place where I feel safe and so happy. I smile so much my cheeks hurt and that, to me, is the sign of a successful night.

As for complete solitude in the moments where I want to be totally alone? Anywhere near water. I don’t care if it’s a dam, lake, creek, stream, ocean, or pond. As long as I can sit somewhere and watch reflections bounce off the top of the glass-like body, with a cool breeze blowing, I’m physically at peace.

This time of year (Fall) generally does it for me too. If I can see a glimpse of leaves changing and cool, crisp air; maybe even smell a bonfire in the distance, I’m a happy girl.

Always know your Heaven on earth, so you can escape to it when real life becomes a little overwhelming. And maybe this playlist will be a nice soundtrack for you.


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