Like Torches Talks About New Release & UK Tour

Like Torches is a four piece band reminiscent of the amazing 90’s rock sounds we no longer here in American music. Bands such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Blink 182 & the Foo Fighters will never be replaced. There sounds pioneered a vibe for music with a heavy current in their wake. New things became popular, new sounds were easier to dance to and before we knew it, the heart-breaking, story-telling, so-real-you-could-cry music, was a “throwback.”


Lucky for us, bands like, Like Torches were internationally getting this American music and loving it as much as we did – the only difference was, they kept the traditions alive. Like Torches brings “Just the Girl” by Click Five and “Best of You” by the Foo Fighters, together into a room and tells them to sit down and get to know each other. They’re not afraid to touch on feelings of sadness, because they know as long as their music is real, they’ll be taken seriously.

I had the privilege of talking to Daniel, guitar and vocals of the band, to learn more about them and gain insight on their latest single and UK tour!

1. How did the band form? Have you had the same members since the start or did you go through some changes?

The band formed in 2005 when Zak (bass player) and I (Daniel, guitar) wanted to start a band. We were then called You Ate My Dog and played music in Zak’s room as our dedicated rehearsal space. As any new band, we played music for the fun of it and never expected anything to come of it. In 2012 we started Like Torches, which was the title of our record with You Ate My Dog, and had a couple of band member changes. My younger brother Jonathan joined on vocals and a very good friend of ours, Jimmy, joined on drums. So we changed drummers and guitarists a couple of times during our path to where we are today. Now, there’s only the four of us: Jonathan, Zak, Jimmy and Daniel.

2. What has been the challenge of being a band founded in Sweden, but performing and writing in English?

The hardest thing with being a Swedish band in general, no matter what music you play, is that Sweden is a very small country. With a population of 9 million people in total, spread over a country that is bigger in size than California, just makes it really hard to tour and build a fanbase at all. What’s popular in Sweden is pushed by Major record labels and that’s a challange for any band. There aren’t really any indie labels which makes it difficult to do anything as a band, and in our case lead to us just doing everything ourselves up to the point where we are today and we signed with Rude Records, who are awesome.

Writing and performing in English came natural to us. All of the bands we listen to are American bands and the genre we play is an American genre. Everyone in Sweden knows English,  so it’s not weird for us in any way.

3. Who are your biggest influences both musically and personally?
We are influenced by so so SO many different bands. A couple of them would be: Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Alkaline Trio, Millencolin, Blindside and Jimmy Eat World only to name a few. Personally is way harder. I would have to say my parents, my dad has been a great influence in my life and we all come from good families.
4. Do you have a song that means the most to you all collectively?
Well.. I would have to say no. We all like different things. For me, my favorite song ever would have to be “Basket Case” by Green Day. That’s the first song that really got me into this music scene when I was 7 years old.
5. How does the songwriting process work for you?
The song writing process for us is always a little bit different. Usually I (still Daniel) write something that is the foundation for the song. Then we change it a bunch of times to get it to where we want it to be. Everyone is very much involved and both Jimmy, Jonathan and Zak also play the guitar so we’ll usually just end up with 4 guitars and a couple of melodies playing the same thing over and over until we like it or throw it away.
6. How did your new track “Walking Home” come about? What do you hope listeners will gain from it?
“Walking Home” is about just that; feelings on the way home from breaking up with someone. Usually there’s a melody; I get a melody in my head and then I try to make it into something that’s not only in my head, and with this specific track Jonathan had an experience that he really wanted to write about. I don’t really wanna let people know to much because that’ll take away the charm of listening to a song and getting your own perspective. Anyways, this track has a lot of meaning to us and we all really like.
I hope that listeners will take away that the end of something is also the beginning of something else. Sometimes, ending something can be the best thing that ever happened to you.
7. Are you excited about starting off this UK tour? How did the first show go? Did it meet your expectations?
We love the UK and the first show was amazing! We always have a great time and I can’t remember a show where we didn’t enjoy ourselves.  That’s what it’s all about for us, even if we’re in a new town headlining for the first time and the audience isn’t huge. We’ve never been to Stoke before and we performed their last night. Every time we play somewhere for the first time we don’t really have expectations and last night was awesome.
Down to earth and clearly humble, it was an amazing experience for me to be able to talk to an international band a little bit about their music industry in their country and how it shapes the success of the band. Forming in Sweden and now touring in UK, there’s not a doubt in my mind that we’ll see Like Torches at the L.A. Venue in NY or the Bowery in Boston very, very soon. But until then, you can thank the wonderful world of technology for allowing me to share their music with you right now.

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