My Life is a Movie; My Mom is the Audience

Lately I’ve been feeling like exactly what the title of this post says; that my life is this on-going movie and my mom is the “lucky” winner that got the single ticket to the show. I say this because I talk to a lot of people throughout the course of my day, about a lot of meaningless things, but because of this, the time I get to talk to my mom is very limited and sometimes I feel like I spill everything out into one, period-less sentence and have to run.

While patient-less in most aspects of her life, my mom is sort of a spitfire, she listens to every similar story about the same people and sounds pretty interested every time (she’s either a great actress or just really cares) (I think it’s the latter of the two).

I love living in Nashville and starting my own life, but it’s hard sometimes when you can’t go downstairs to the kitchen, hop up on a barstool and chat to your mom about normal, gossipy things while dinner cooks.

There is something so special about moms though, my mom in particular. They’re the only person in the world so content with hearing about your life that they don’t care if they get to talk about theirs.

I try to at least make it a point to talk to my mom 30 minutes a day and while those 30 minutes are sometimes filled with me complaining about traffic and how hungry I am after work, my mom never answers the phone not excited and happy to hear from me.

Shouts to you mom – for making me the woman I am today. For passing your cooking skills along to me and the ability to make a meal with nothing in the fridge or cabinets. For giving me your sense of rhythm, your strong compassion and your passionate energy. For giving me your smile and everything I could ever ask for. And thanks for buying that solo ticket every night to the next scene in my movie series; you’re a real trooper!


2 thoughts on “My Life is a Movie; My Mom is the Audience

  1. What a sweet blog post. I can do relate to this on so many levels. My mom and grandma are my two biggest supporters on anything and everything I do. You’re mom sounds like an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing this!

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