Third EP’s the Charm

I know that’s not how the saying goes, but for Kingsley Flood (KF), this couldn’t be more true. Naseem wrote to me last week and said, word for word,

“This is the third of the year – a little ridiculous, I know.”

I think he knew I would agree in the best way possible, but third EP or eighteenth EP of the year, I knew KF would make it worth listening to.

My absolute favorite thing about this fun-loving band is that they don’t box themselves in, we talked about this in our first interview and stressed it even more over coffee at Frothy Monkey. Being pigeon-holed is their worst fear, so they fight against it.

This EP has some California vibes and guitar riffs reminiscent of an early Beach Boys record.

It’s too unique to describe – but I’ll do my best.

Change You: with those 1970’s route 66 guitar chords, this track starts out taking you to a ballroom where you’re sitting feeling so alone and reminiscing on days past. You suddenly feel like you lived through the movie Grease and you’re looking back on your times at Rydell High. The pre-chorus is just enough to get you ready for the harmonies of the chorus. With a Bob Dylan-like lack of enthusiasm, this song sets the perfect mood for someone who is stuck in the past. It’s a modern day version of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.”

The Good Fight: the title track – perfect for anyone homesick or starting new somewhere else. Let Kingsley Flood help you realize the grass is only greener where you water it. With the same complicatedly simplistic instrumental as the opening track, this alludes more to a concept album then a band’s third EP of the year.

Good Old Wind: makes me think the band must miss Nashville a bit. With a more country feel than the other tracks, the upbeat quality is refreshing. It’s perfectly placed as the third song to have you tapping your foot and banging your head along after the first two songs get you in a place where you can’t help but think. This track is like the light that turns on in the dim kitchen of the rest of the EP. You’re happy it’s there, but you’re still trying to make out the shadows and figures around you.

On My Mind: is more unique than a lot of what I’ve heard from KF – and they’re probably the most unique band I’ve ever interviewed, so that’s saying something. With whirling guitars, vocals and production effects, this song has a “far out” tonal quality that leaves the listener wanting so much more – but it’s the last track on the EP. I guess that’s their plan.

Do you find yourself thinking you’re sick of the radio traffic reports on the way home from work? That you just want to roll down the windows, turn on the heat, and let the sound of the wind blur with the blasting music to make your long day erase from your memory? You should probably play The Good Fight and see if that does the trick.

On a scale of 1 to Well Worth It... What did you think?

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