Southern Style Nachos

Down South everything has pork in it. Even cupcakes are topped with bacon. So what’s better than real nachos, you ask? BBQ style nachos filled with pork (and a few other things to make you drool).

We were running out of snacky (yes, I say snacky quite a bit) ideas to make during the first round of football games on Sunday. There’s always pepperoni and cheese or buffalo chicken dip, but even creatures of habit like change every so often.

With the idea of nachos in our mind at the grocery store, I started thinking about how we could make our own variation. I should preface with the fact that we’re really plain when it comes to this Mexican-inspired app and feel like less is more. When out to eat, we always omit the following (lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa, olives… really anything that isn’t the star).

That being said, this is a star-studded appetizer sure to please just about anyone of any age.


Tortilla Chips (half a bag)

Baked Beans (8 oz can – drained)

Pulled Pork (homemade or store bought version in lunchmeat section)

1 bag of Mexican cheese (shredded)

You simply layer the ingredients on top of one another like a lasagna almost. I did two layers of everything. Then bake on 350 in a skillet for approximately 15 minutes.

WARNING: If you’ve never used the skillet before. You absolutely have to “season” it first (article linked, because I care). The truth of my rookie skillet cooking? I didn’t know that. We got about half way through our delicious plate before the chips started tasting like plastic from the cast iron’s protective wax that cooked off.

At least I admit my mistakes, right? I want you to be able to enjoy much more than I could of this amazing Sunday-sit-on-the-couch-in-sweatpants food.

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