December: Birch Box Review

My Birchbox three-month subscription is shaping up to be my favorite Christmas present. I absolutely love every sample I’ve gotten so far and it really is the gift that just keeps giving. There’s a perfect amount of product to use a sample almost regularly until your next Birchbox comes (I should clarify that I’m maintenance when it comes to beauty, so I definitely don’t overuse).


If you scroll over the images of the samples I received for December above, you’ll see my out-of-ten rating. But I really want to recap on the things I could see myself spending money on.

I’ve realized with the help of Birchbox that quality is better than quantity when it comes to beauty supplies. I can honestly say I’m 22 years-old and never felt that way before. I’ve always been a drug store beauty shopper, seeing that I could get three mascaras there for the price of half of one at Sephora. I never understood why people spent so much money on brands. Until now.

Brands have a reputation to uphold and so they put a lot more into their product, because they charge more to create it. I get it. And after your first Birchbox, I think you will too.

It’s easy to quickly realize the difference in the things you receive verses the versions of them you already use. Take the detangler for instance. I spritzed a good amount throughout my damp here like I used to do with my $3.00 Johnson’s & Johnson’s detangler and let it sit for a few seconds. After a long day of a curly hairstyle and rolled down windows, you can imagine what I was working with. Well, my brush effortlessly ran through from my roots to my ends like it never has before. Even after I blow dried, by hair felt smooth and had movement. It smelt amazing too.

My second favorite sample was the skin illuminator. The difference I saw when I rubbed a small amount onto my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose was night and day. My features looked so much more pronounced. Who knew I had a good bone structure?! Or one that at least looks good when you “illuminate” it.

The last things I swear by from this box and would actually spend almost $30 dollars on, is the Lip Locked product. At first glance it’s a regular gloss and to be honest, I hate glosses. I hate lip products in general really. My go-to most mornings is a little vaseline to condition my lips and make them look dewy. After using this one time, I was hooked! It has vitamins A & E infused in it and while it seems like they could just be saying that, the way it feels on, tells it all. It applies smooth and creamy, unlike normal glosses, lasts through drinking (lightly), and makes your lips feels soft and subtle even when it wears it off.

I hope that I did my first birchbox review, and beauty product in general, justice. I like to think that even in my writing, my personality can be deciphered and you can gather the type of honesty I feel your worth. I wasn’t paid or sponsored to do this. I simply thought there would be no better thing to share, than my thoughts on the monthly package that continues to put a smile on my face, always filled with things I never knew I needed.

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