Burberry Acoustic

Yes, we all know, Burberry. Mostly, I’ve known it as a luxury brand of clothes that cost more than my rent, but a few years back I discovered a sector of their business I fell in love with; Burberry Acoustic.

It may be a humongous assumption, but I think British songwriters are some of the best. I love the story-telling in their music and Burberry does an amazing job in showcasing those stories with their exclusive acoustic performances.

To be honest, I’m not sure how often Burberry keeps up with this aspect of their business, but I think they have a shot to keep it going as a marketing platform for not only their brand, but the artists they represent. They’re already ten-times more “hip” in my book and most of these features are from 2011.

The only thing that Burberry is missing with these videos are testimonials from artist’s about why they wrote that particular song. Missed opportunity, Burberry. But all is forgiven with the following soul serenades:

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