Happy Birthday, Grandmom

My grandmom took pride in being a grandmother. She told everyone as if it was a total honor and would do just about anything to make sure her grandchildren were happy. She was my absolute best friend and I still talk to her sometimes and can almost hear the advice I know she’d be giving me. We were goofy when we were together – from food fights in Chili’s to hour long trips to the mall just to try things on.

The moment I got my license, the first place I drove was my grandmom’s house and I’d pretty much choose having a a sleepover and baking all night with her, over anything else in the entire world.

To this day, I always strive to make her proud and she sends me little signs to let me know I’m doing just that.

Today would have been my grandmom’s 80th birthday. It’s crazy to think that it’s been three years now since she passed away. In honor of my favorite lady, I wanted to share a few songs that were her favorite, or that make me think about her. I hope they’re songs that can brighten your day or urge you to call someone you love and tell them that. Life is too short to be anything but open and my grandmom would want you to speak your mind (and heart).

Happy Birthday Mom Mom – from this side of the sky to yours. I love you through and through.




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