Try This! Suncloud Polarized Optics

If you’re anything like me, you probably got your number-one pair of sunglasses from Target three years ago and didn’t find the need for anything more than $15.00 to protect your eyes from the Summer rays.

That’s exactly how I felt until last week when I was given my first pair of Suncloud sunglasses (retailing at $49.99). I have to say at first glance, they looked like my favorite Target pair, just a little bit more lightweight with what were clearly higher quality arms and hinges.

image of Nighcap in Tort
Image provided by Suncloud Polarized Optics

The real shock factor came when I put them on, though. F. Scott Fitzgerald once said “here’s to alcohol, the rose-colored glasses of life.” Variations of that saying have been around for years, but what it basically seeks to point out is that everything seems more beautiful through rose colored lenses. I couldn’t agree more.


Photography: Richard Sparkman
While this particular model, the Nightcap with a tortoise frame, does not have rose-colored lenses per Suncloud’s description (as some of their models feature a rose-hued lens), there was still a rosy clarity that took over when I put them on that eliminated not only bright sun, but also dim, dreary weather.
In Nashville, this time of year, we have very drastic weather changes in short periods of times. That means from the time it takes you to get work in the morning, you could go through spots of rain and sun, or even both at once! What I like best about these sunglasses and the particular model is that I was able to leave them on through the tumultuous weather changes and it never changed my vision. It never got so cloudy that all of a sudden it was like I had a blindfold on, but it also never got too bright either.

As far as the comfort of these glasses, the only thing I would stress is trying them on before you purchase a pair. The company does offer a lifetime warranty (on a claim basis), but I’m not sure about their exchange policy. I am super particular with glasses or sunglasses and the way they feel behind my ears. If a pair is too tight, I instantly know they’ll give me a headache in a few minutes.

SC block

I didn’t have that issue with this pair, but they were a bit more snug than I usually wear mine – so I advise testing out a pair before purchase. At their site, linked above, you can find a local dealer and see where the nearest store near you is selling this awesome brand.

In the short few days I’ve had them, I’ve driven (in changing weather conditions) without having to take them on and off, jogged without them sliding off of my face, and even went into a store without having to put them up on my head. That being said, they’re the best pair of sunglasses I’ve ever had to dub as a headband as well. The nose piece is smooth with no connectors so there’s nothing to get caught in your hair and cause that dreaded sunglasses-hanging-from-the-top-of-your-head look.

I’ve put some more product information below in case you want to be twins and get the exact same pair of me. In the course of my time with their account rep, I tried on numerous pairs and I can honestly say the options are endless and you can really cater toward your lifestyle and what would best suit you.

Get ready to look forward to sunny (and not so sunny) days!

Product rating: 8/10

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