Try This! Yuzu Soap

There’s a lot you probably don’t know about the soap you use everyday. I say this with confidence, because I didn’t know about it either until my new friend Lauren sent me some of her Yuzu Soap to try for the first time.

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Yuzu is a handcrafted, cold-processed soap. This process allows the oils and butters in the soap to hold onto all of their beneficial qualities that would normally be sifted out in the conventional soap-making practice. So what does that mean for you (and me)? Well, conventional soaps remove the natural glycerin  in the product to add it into expensive lotions later, so obviously the glycerin is beneficial, right? Yuzu includes this property and each soap bar is cured for at least four weeks to ensure perfect stability. In case you’re not following: it means healthy and soft skin, people!

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Yuzu was founded this year, but even though they’re relatively new, they know their brand and love sharing information about it. They are based in San Francisco, California and everything they do is handcrafted in small batches, which is nice because you know whatever you’re receiving is fresh. They also add shea butter to each bar and the delicious scent choices come from fragrance oils.

They offer their product on their Etsy store with a minimalistic, but more than sufficient serving of fragrance options. I chose the cucumber melon and honestly, when I opened my package, I wanted to eat it (it smelt that good).

cuc mel 2
Instagram @yuzusoap

There was also something I didn’t expect that Lauren included extra for me to try, which was a sample of her most popular scent, citrus beer.

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The greatest things about using this product in the shower were; it wasn’t very slippery like normal soap, so it was easy to grip, it didn’t lose it’s shape after being used a few times, it had a lotion-like feel as soon as it came in contact with my skin and most importantly, it didn’t leave any sort of residue like other soap products.

I shower at night, but the scent of the cucumber melon is the perfect “pick me up” that would enhance any morning. At the same time, it instantly relaxed me and had this reminiscent quality to it that I loved.

You can purchase the same bar as me here, or browse for your own on Etsy! Each one is only $8.00 and with the way my bar is holding up after about a week of use, I don’t think you’ll be needing another anytime soon.

Product rating: 7/10


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